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By Jean-Luc Renneson with collaboration of Alexander Antropov :

Vespa dybowskii André, 1884
Vespa dybowskii André, 1884 (female) Russia, Maritime Territory, 40 km SE from Ussuriysk, 13.08.1984 (A.V. Antropov leg.) [Photo: A.V. Antropov, 2009]
Vespa dybowskii André, 1884 (male) - Lower Amur . Outfall of Garin river. Bachi. 20.IX.1985. Mutin leg. M.E. Archer det., 1988
Collection of Institute of biology and soil science . Far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Sciences . Vladivostok [Photo: A.V. Antropov, 2009]

Distribution de Vespa dybowskii : North Burma, Chine (China), Tibet, Russie (Russia), Japon (Japan).

Archer, M E, 1989 - A key to the World species of the Vespinae (Hymenoptera) - College of Ripon & York St John YO3 7EX, U.K.

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